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In recent years, the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front have become the most active criminal extremist elements in the United States. Despite the destructive aspects of ALF and.

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The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is the United States' most active extreme animal rights movement. Composed of anonymous underground cells that oppose any form of animal experimentation and perceived mistreatment, ALF aims to rescue animals from "places of abuse" and to "inflict economic damage to those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals."

Animal liberation front in action zeropsawe

This timeline of Animal Liberation Front (ALF) actions describes the history, consequences and theory of direct action on behalf of animals by animal liberation activists using, or associated with the ALF.. From the ALF's formation in 1976 to the present day the direct actions have included two distinct categories of tactics, with activists often using both tactics together;

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His new book "Animal Liberation Now" revisits the themes of his 1975 seminal classic, Animal Liberation, and examines how the animal rights movement intersects with climate change, social justice.

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Members of the Animal Liberation Front act directly to stop animal suffering, at the risk of losing their own freedom. Direct action refers to illegal actions performed to bring about animal liberation. These are usually one of two things: rescuing animals from laboratories or other places of abuse, or inflicting economic damage on animal abusers.

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In June, the Animal Liberation Front took responsibility for attempting to firebomb the home of Lynn Fairbanks, a primate researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

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The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is a radical group that opposes all human activity that it considers to be harmful to animals, including animal ownership and the consumption of meat and other animal-based products. Founded in the United Kingdom, the ALF has chapters in over 40 countries. 1 The ALF was most active in the 1990s and early 2000s.

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Animal Liberation Front (ALF) LEADER: Ronnie Lee YEAR ESTABLISHED OR BECAME ACTIVE: 1976 USUAL AREA OF OPERATION: Active cells in twenty countries OVERVIEW. The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) was founded in England in 1976 by animal activist Ronnie Lee, who had become increasingly dissatisfied with the purely legal tactics employed by British hunt sabotage groups.


The Animal Liberation Front (ALF), first active in England in 1976, is a global anarchist movement dedicated to the liberation of animals from human oppression. Unlike PETA, it's decentralized and leaderless, existing as a name that anyone working toward animal liberation can assume. The ALF has been known to break inanimate objects such as.

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animal liberation front supporters group (ALF SG) The ALF SG exists to support animal rights activists unfortunate enough to end up behind bars. We also promote an understanding of the reasons why decent, caring people feel forced to break the law. We are separate to the ALF, and we operate legally and above ground..

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Every ALF raid, in one place: New 130 page book chronicling over 40 years of the Animal Liberation Front. Just back from the printer: The first assembled timeline of the Animal Liberation Front's 40+ year history - from broken windows to lab raids. In 2009, I released the first timeline of the ALF's (then-) 30 year history.

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The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is a far-left extremist group focused on animal rights. * The group originated in the United Kingdom but has a presence in 40 countries around the world. In the United States, ALF has claimed responsibility for arson and vandalism against animal research facilities, farms, restaurants, and other businesses the.

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He called for the use of more radicalized action and founded the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) in 1976 as an umbrella organization for any activist willing to engage in violent action in order to combat industries perceived to be violating animal rights. The British ideas and inspirations of the animal rights movement migrated to the United States.

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This year marks the 40 th birthday of the Animal Liberation Front. The ALF is one of the most important direct action organizations of modern times and probably the most influential animal rights group to have ever existed. That almost goes without saying.

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The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is an international, leaderless, decentralized political and social resistance movement that advocates and engages in what it calls non-violent direct action in protest against incidents of animal cruelty.It originated in the 1970s from the Bands of Mercy.Participants state it is a modern-day Underground Railroad, removing animals from laboratories and farms.

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Footnote 5 Indeed, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) was added to the domestic terrorism list by the FBI in 1987 following an arson attack on the University of California, Davis, Animal Diagnostics Laboratory, which destroyed a building and 20 vehicles, causing $5.1 million in damage.