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Design 101 Create a Gallery Wall in a Stairwell Create the look of a cohesive, collected salon-style gallery wall along a stairwell with these easy steps. By: Brian Patrick Flynn Related To: Design 101 Frames Other Rooms Stairs Materials Needed: assorted picture frames ranging in size, shape, finish, texture and color printer photo paper

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A gallery wall is a nice way to fill in a blank wall or space and make it lively and personalized, and one of such spaces is a stairway. Gallery walls are often hung up over the staircase or even right on it, and I'd like to share all those ideas you may steal to create your own cool gallery wall. Stairway Gallery Wall Shapes

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a gallery wall from floor to ceiling that takes a staircase wall, a crystal chandelier and some greenery on the bench for a wow look a gorgeous entryway with a colorful gallery wall over the stairs, with not only artwork and photos but also hats, greenery and fans

20 Stairway Gallery Wall Ideas HomeMydesign

4. Curate a gallery wall. 5. Get creative with wallpaper. 6. Panelling, moulding and millwork. 7. Play with paint techniques. As an often overlooked space, your staircase walls offer huge styling potential thanks to the vast expanse of space - both vertically and horizontally.

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Elevate Your Home Decor with Gallery Wall Stairs. An area in the home that is often overlooked but offers a fantastic opportunity for a gallery wall is the stairwell - as every staircase is different, the possibilities of shape, style, and configuration are endless. In this blog post, we'll explore gallery wall stairs and how to execute this home styling method well.

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February 24, 2022 13 Comments Posted in: art, interior design Dear Laurel, I love your posts about gallery art walls. However, I don't think you've done one recently. I hope it's no bother, but I'd love to do a staircase gallery art wall. And yes, from scratch. And no, there are no artists in my family, like darling Maura Endres has.

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Do this with all of your pictures. Lay the paper out flat (as best as you can) and place your frame or decor onto the paper. Trace around all sides with a pencil and cut out, following the pattern you've just created. Once you have cut out all of your templates, it's time to move to the location you want to create the gallery wall.

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Gallery Wall Supplies Here's what you'll want to have on hand for this DIY project. Rosin paper (or wrapping paper) Painter's tape Tape measure & pencil Hammer Nails (I like this kit with assorted sizes) Command strips Museum wax Step ladder Level Measure Your Wall First, measure your wall.

20 Stairway Gallery Wall Ideas HomeMydesign

The key to a stunning staircase gallery wall along the stairs is to include mixed mediums and textures. Mix up paintings, photos, framed and unframed works, or whatever you can think of. The basic rules are the same: start with paper templates, double hang the artwork, and make sure to hang them at least 60'' from each stair. 5.

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Wrapping Up Creating a staircase gallery wall can seem daunting at first, but with a little bit of planning, it can be a fun project to tackle and will have an impactful result. Here are a few tips to get you started: Choose the right location

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The first thing that you should do when designing a gallery staircase is to choose the art and the frames that you want to feature. As I mentioned, I decided that I wanted all white frames, nothing ornate but frames with flat white sides.

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Symmetrical staircase gallery walls do best with framed artwork with the same dimensions and matching frames. A white frame theme or all black frames are popular choices that complement just about all types of art pieces or family photos. Staircase Gallery Wall Design Tips SIZING:

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Links to our stairway gallery wall frames and art. Small gold frame (vintage) 14″h x 16″w. Large white mat frame with Paris photo (from our travels) 25″sq. Small engraving (vintage) 12″h x 15″w. Brigette Bardot framed photograph 25.5″h x 21.5″w. Small abstract print, 13″sq. Il Pellicano framed photograph, 21.5″h x 25.5″w.

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Roll of Kraft paper Painter's tape Pencil Scissors Level Hammer Nails or self adhesive strips HERE ARE THE BASIC STEPS . . . 1. CHOOSE YOUR ART AND FRAMES Deciding on a theme from the start helps to streamline the whole process. Choose art that reflects your personal style and tastes.