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Aug 16, 2016 - Explore Rachel Berry's board "Rachel Berry's outfits" on Pinterest. See more ideas about rachel berry, outfits, glee fashion.

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Rachel Berry Layering Outfits Black Stockings Hair Inspiration Color Ribbed Turtleneck Barneys New York School Outfits Finn Hudson Glee Lea And Cory High School Drama Cory Monteith Lea Michele Golden Star Musical Movies Sherlock Bbc Best Ombre Hair Brown Ombre Hair

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Top coppersolids • 3 yr. ago her season 3 prom dress her black turtleneck and plaid skirt outfit in 'transitioning' her blazer and black dress in 'what the world needs now' the striped shirt and leather skirt in 'jagged little tapestry' her dress in 'i do' her red thanksgiving dress the white blazer and black dress in 4x04

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OUTFIT DETAILS 800 Glee: Season 6 Episode 8 Rachel's Pink Bridemaids Dress Glee 21 February 2015 OUTFIT DETAILS 774 Glee: Season 6 Episode 3 Rachel's Striped Shirt Glee 16 January 2015 OUTFIT DETAILS 573 Glee: Season 6 Episode 2 Rachel's Neon Floral Print Skirt

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Rachel's purple zip front top and polka dot skirt on Glee. Rachel Berry's black keyhole top on Glee. Rachel's grey and white striped sweater on Glee. Rachel Berry's blue peplum top and black leather skirt on Glee. Rachels sheer grey top on Glee. Rachel Berry's black tweed peplum top on Glee season 4. 1.

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Short skirts and knee socks, often worn with ballet flats or animal print sweaters, are the main staple. Very young but also aware of the underlying sex appeal. Pinks, purples, and blues are dominant colors. This reflects her self-esteem at this stage -- dresses like a loser/child because this is how she sees herself primarily.

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Layering. Because she's a fan of sweater sets, layering is commonplace in many of Emma's outfits. An easy way to imitate Emma's layering genius? Try a floaty vest layered over a colorful tee. Embellishments. Though individual pieces of Emma's outfits are classic and simple, they always have unique accents.

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That's because Rachel Berry is an icon. No, seriously, as much as her (and to a lesser extent, Blaine's) style got made fun of, they're still more fashionable than 99% of people IRL, at least in my suburban American town.. I liked a lot of Rachel's outfits. When Kurt said she dressed "like toddler and an old lady at the same time," I was.

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Characters Rachel Santana Quinn Kurt Tina Blaine Marley Brittany Kitty Emma Mercedes Roderick Rachel's black ribbed knit dress on Glee Rachel's white lace front top with ruffles and button front skirt on Glee Rachel's black v-neck pleated dress on Glee Rachel's white short sleeve shift dress on Glee Sponsored Links

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Glee Fashion and Style Guide Let's take a look at some of the characters from Glee and analyze their styles: Rachel Berry's Style We probably saw Rachel Berry's style evolve the most over the years, especially as she shifted from a teenage outcast with no friends into a confident adult who was accepted among her Glee family.

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Costumes: Rebecca Bunch's everywoman fashion. Actress: Rachel Bloom.. Rachel Berry's Bright Cardigans on 'Glee' Image Credit: Courtesy of FOX TV Show: Glee. Years On: 2009 - 2015.

Rachel Berry season 4 Glee fashion, Rachel berry style, Rachel berry

Characters Rachel Santana Quinn Kurt Tina Blaine Marley Brittany Kitty Emma Mercedes Roderick Rachel's grey sweater with pink back and grey pinstriped skort on Glee Rachel's black and white colorblock button front shirt and pleated skirt on Glee Rachel's grey colorblock sweater with mesh sleeves on Glee

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Advertisement We only see a glimpse of Rachel Berry's outfit during her first appearance. Rachel Berry's main stand-out piece is a knotted pearl necklace. Fox First appearance: 1.1, "Pilot" Rachel's very first appearance is when she witnesses the former choir teacher inappropriately touching a male student.